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YOU MAY LIKE : Pastry, Confectionery
PRICE : Less than 15 €
OPENING HOURS :  Tuesday to Saturday, 7.30 à 12h et de 16h à 19h. Le dimanche de 7h30 à 12h et de 16h à 19h.
GETTING THERE : 6, placette Availl – Arles-sur-Tech (66150)
TEL : +33 4 68 39 10 47

There is rousquille and Rousquille, but here, it is ” THE Rousquille ” !

The customers come from far to taste the famous Rousquilles of this family whose ancestor initiated the recipe in 1850.

This bouncy biscuit, tender, delicately scented with lemon, coated with a nice white frosting is always made in the same way, by the children, who will transmit the secrets of the proportions to their descendants. Impossible to know more about this little extra that makes all the difference. But what a treat!

We have here a jewel of our gastronomy of the Catalan Country that the whole world envy us, sometimes copied but never equaled.

Thank you to family Touron for perpetuating this gourmet tradition.