*** Individual stays CRIQUES DE PORTEILS – Route de Collioure 66700 ARGELES-SUR-MER France – tel +33(0)4 68 81 12 73 – www.lescriques.com – contactcdp@lescriques.com – Camping
When using the services offered by CRIQUES DE PORTEILS, we would ask you to read the following general conditions carefully. These apply to the booking period from September 19th 2023 to March 22nd 2024, for stays taking place from March 22nd to November 2nd 2024. They govern the sales of stays and apply as soon as a down payment is made. The fact of booking a stay implies complete acceptance of our general conditions.
These conditions can be modified and/or added to at any time by CRIQUES DE PORTEILS. In this case, the new version will automatically apply to all new customers, who will be informed when it is put online on the website www.lescriques.com. Buyers acknowledge that they are fully aware that their acceptance of the content of these general conditions of sale does not require the manual or electronic signature of this document.

The conditions for exercising activities concerned with the organisation and sale of trips or stays are laid down by the French Tourism Code, and more particularly articles L. 211-1 and thereafter of this Code. The purpose of these general conditions of sale is to govern the contractual relationship regarding the sale of individual stays between the company CAMPAR and its customers, and to set their respective obligations. The fact that CAMPAR do not take advantage of any provisions in the general conditions may not be taken as a waiver on their part. Any booking implies Customers’ unreserved application and full acceptance of the general conditions, which take precedence over any other document. Unless CAMPAR have made a prior exception in writing, these general conditions apply to all customers. All documents other than the general conditions of sale, including catalogues, prospectuses, advertising and notices, are purely informational.


• Details of the services provided during our trips and stays are indicated on our website, www.lescriques.com. Starting on September 19th 2023, you can view current prices on this website and receive personalised assistance by contacting our team on +33 (0) 4 68 81 12 73. Customers can make use of the online or printed catalogue, or obtain descriptions of our services from our booking agents on site, by telephone or email. Customers themselves decide on the services they want when booking. Customers acknowledge that they are aware of the content of services, the destination and booking procedures, and all the characteristics of stays and accommodation. They acknowledge that they have requested and obtained all the information required for making bookings in full awareness of the facts. Customers are responsible for their choice of booking and its suitability for their needs, and CRIQUES DE PORTEILS mays thus not be held responsible. The booking is deemed to have been accepted by customers at the end of the booking process. This process ends when CRIQUES DE PORTEILS have received the first down payment.
• A booking becomes effective solely with the agreement of the camping, after receipt of the down payment, and of either the duly completed and signed booking contract or the acceptance of the general conditions of sale with online bookings.
• Bookings are not binding upon CRIQUES DE PORTEILS unless the company has accepted them ; CRIQUES DE PORTEILS are free to do so or to refuse, depending on availability and more generally on any circumstances that could interfere with normal performance regarding the booking made. In particular, CRIQUES DE PORTEILS offer family stays in the traditional sense, and accommodation is specifically designed for this purpose. CRIQUES DE PORTEILS thus reserve the right to refuse any booking that goes against this principle or seeks to distort it. • Subject to availability for the dates required, you can book a stay according to the procedures indicated previously.
• Your registration must be accompanied by a first down payment of 100 € for camping and 200 € for rentals including VAT, and must reach us no later than 7 days after you have made the booking. This will only become final when your down payment has been registered. The balance of the price must be paid no later than 30 days before your arrival date. Thus:
***With bookings made more than 30 days before the start of the stay: a down payment of the services booked must be paid when the booking for the camping is made. The balance must be paid no later than 30 days before the start date of the stay in the camping.
***With bookings made less than 30 days before the start date of the stay: the entire payment must be made when the booking for the camping is made.
NB: After these deadlines, if we have not received your down payment or balance, we will consider your booking to be cancelled, and we will offer the corresponding services for sale again. In addition, cancellation conditions will apply.
On receipt of your down payment, a confirmation of your stay will be sent to you indicating the balance still to be paid. Each payment must be accompanied by the dossier reference shown in this confirmation.
Anyone who arrives at the stay venue without having paid the remaining balance beforehand will be refused entry. With bookings made less than 30 days before departure, Customers must pay for the entire stay when booking. The date on which such bookings take place does not always make it possible to send you confirmation. You will then be deemed to have accepted all the information contained in the general conditions of sale or made known to you orally.
For safety reasons, the number of people who turn up for rental stays may under no circumstances exceed the number of places in the accommodation allocated or the number of people indicated in the contract. If the accommodation is over-occupied, i.e. the number of people exceeds the standard occupation capacity, supplementary charges may apply, which vary depending on the site and period. Prices are indicated at the time of booking.
• NB: No refunds will be made for any stays that are curtailed, interrupted or broken off (late arrival, early departure) or any unused services.


Payments for stays, which must be accompanied by the booking coupon, can be made by bank cheque or ̋chèques vacances ̋: LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS have Agence Nationale accreditation for Chèques Vacances, and you can use these holiday vouchers for any stay. We advise you to send cheques, indicating your dossier number, by recorded delivery with acknowledgement of receipt. Cheques that are not sent by recorded delivery and are not received by LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS are entirely the customer’s responsibility. They are valid for their face value up to the amount due for your stay, and should be used no later than when paying for the balance. In the event of a cancellation, any refund will be made by bank cheque, bank card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) or bank transfer.


3.1: Prices and tourist tax
• Prices for all our stays, accommodation and associated services can be viewed on our website. Prices are set for each category and type of accommodation, and are in euros. LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS cannot be held responsible for any changes in exchange rates.
• Prices indicated are valid for the 2024 season. They correspond to one night and are quoted in euros. Persons over 18 years are concerned (01/01/2024: €0,86 in Argelès-sur-Mer and €0.34 for the eco participation).
• Prices including tax may be changed if there is an increase in the rate of the taxes for which our stays are liable.
• Prices are dynamic and change as the season goes on, meaning that customers benefit from the cheapest price on the day they book. The earlier you book, the lower the prices.
• Given the above and the active role of customers in the determination of the price applicable to their stays, which depends on how early they book, LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS can under no circumstances be held responsible for any difference in price between two stays booked for the same period.

3.2: Price Reductions – Special Offers.
To benefit from a price reduction as part of a special offer, you must take advantage of it when you book.
Special offers are subject to certain conditions, particularly availability. It is not possible to combine several price reductions and special offers. Once customers have received confirmation or an invoice, they can no longer take advantage of a price reduction.


4.1: Altering your booking
You can alter a booking at no charge up to 30 days before your original arrival date, subject to availability in one of CAMJPAR. Please inform us rapidly by letter, email or fax, and confirm it with a recorded delivery letter with acknowledgement of receipt. A booking alteration can only be accepted within the limit of availabilities, and the request must be sent to CAMPAR by recorded delivery with acknowledgement of receipt.
The date retained after which customers can no longer make any changes to their stay is the date on which the letter wJith acknowledgement of receipt is sent, as evidenced by the postmark.
NB: If you fail to arrive without having made a specific alteration request, or indicating a delayed arrival date, the accomJmodation may be made available for sale 24 hours after the arrival date shown in the contract, and you will thus lose your booking and any sums already paid.

4.2: Changes made by LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS
If before the departure date it becomes impossible to provide any of the stay’s services following the occurrence of an Junpredictable and insuperable event, the failure by an unconnected third party to provide the services stipulated in the contract, or a case of force majeure, we will inform you as soon as we can. You will then be able to cancel the stay or accept a change. You must let us know what you have decided within 72 hours (cancellation will entail the immediate refund of all sums already paid, while acceptance of a change will give rise solely to the refund of sums paid in excess, as the case may be). Please note that this kind of situation does not give the right to any indemnity.


5.1: Cancellation by the customer
If you wish to cancel a stay, please inform us promptly by letter, email or fax, and confirm this with a letter sent by recorded delivery with acknowledgement of receipt.
Any request to cancel must also be confirmed with proof, sent by recorded delivery with acknowledgement of receipt to CAMPAR. The date retained to put the customer’s cancellation of the stay into effect will be the date on which the letter with acknowledgement of receipt is sent, as evidenced by the postmark.

5.1.1 Cancellation insurance:
It is possible to take out cancellation insurance: The subscription fee is 3€ per day, multiplied by the total number of days comprising your stay. In order to receive this, cancellation of the stay must be confirmed by registered post; this cancellation insurance ceases to be valid from the first day of your stay. This cancellation insurance will only reimburse the cost already paid, not including the cost of the insurance.

5.1.2 Refund without cancellation costs:
We will refund all sums previously paid (apart from administrative costs of €26), without cancellation costs up to the day before your arrival if the cancellation is due to the following substantial reasons, provided that appropriate proof is provided:
***The illness, accident or death of the person who made the booking, or of his/her spouse, ascendants or descendants.
***The redundancy of the person who made the booking or of his/her spouse.

5.1.3 Refunds with cancellation costs
If the cancellation takes place for a reason other than those listed above, no later than 30 days before the arrival date, we will reimburse you the amount of money received minus 26€ booking fee and 30€ cancellation costs.

5.1.4 Cancellation giving rise to no refund
If the cancellation takes place for a reason not stated above less than 30 days before the arrival date there will be no refund.

5.2: Cancellation by CAMPAR
If CAMPAR cancel the booking without proposing an alternative equivalent solution, you will obtain an immediate refund of all sums already paid. However, this cancellation does not give rise to any indemnity. Likewise, if CAMPAR cancel a stay because of an event constituting force majeure as defined in article 1148 of the French Civil Code, you will receive a refund of the sums already paid, but no indemnity will be paid.


It should be noted that our bungalows are mobile leisure homes and are not suitable for those with reduced mobility. However, certain specific lodgings and infrastructures are especially designed for people with reduced mobility. For further information, please contact reception. Bookings for a campsite pitch or rented accommodation is made on a strictly personal basis. You may under no circumstances sublet or transfer your booking without the prior consent of the camping. Children under age must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

1.1: Campsite pitches
The basic price includes a pitch for a tent, caravan or camping car, a car and one or two people, and access to the reception infrastructures.

1.2: Rental accommodation• Rental accommodation is fully equipped. The basic package is for 1 to 6 places depending on the type of accommodation.
• LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS reserve the right to refuse access to the camping to groups or families arriving with more participants than the capacity of the accommodation rented, or to increase the price of the stay.
• It is possible to choose a particular bungalow number (according to availability).


2.1: Handover of keys
On the day you arrive in the LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS, bungalows will be available as from 4.00 p.m. However, if you wish to arrive earlier, we will make every effort to reduce the waiting period, depending on availabilities

2.2: Deposit
Customers are asked to pay a deposit of €200 on arrival, by bank card or cheque. This deposit will be returned to customers on the day they leave, after a comprehensive inventory of the bungalow. The management reserves the right to retain all or part of the deposit if the rented premises are insufficiently clean or if any equipment is damaged. If tenants have to leave when reception is closed, the bungalow will be checked later and the deposit returned by post. The fact that a deposit is retained does not exclude the payment of additional compensation if costs come to more than this amount


3.1: Internal rules
Internal rules are displayed in LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS. We would ask you to read and respect them. All customers must comply with these internal rules. All tenants are responsible for any disturbance or nuisance caused by people staying with or visiting them.

3.2: Loss, theft and damage
The liability of LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS cannot be incurred in the event of the loss, theft or damage of personal property in our residences, whether in lodgings, car parks or communal areas. LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS thus decline any responsibility in the event of theft, fire, bad weather, etc., or in the event of any incidents involving the holidaymaker’s legal liability. LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS also decline any responsibility for tenants’ valuables, personal belongings or objects, or safes rented at reception. We advise you to contact your insurance company to obtain an extension of your personal cover if necessary.

3.3: Animals
Pets are accepted on site. Animals must be constantly supervised and kept on a lead by their owners during their stay. Failure to keep the premises sufficiently clean (free cleaning kit available from reception), and any danger caused by animals may be sanctioned by the expulsion of their owners. A prefectural order prohibits the presence of any pets on the beach.
Vaccination records for dogs and cats must be up-to-date. First category dogs are strictly forbidden on public transport, in public places apart from the public highway and in premises open to the public. Second category dogs must be muzzled and kept on a lead by an adult.


On the departure date indicated in your contract, rental accommodation must be vacated by 10.00 a.m. The late checkout can be booked subject to availability and upon payment of €20 the night before departure. The late checkout allows you to stay in your holiday rental until 2 p.m. at the day of departure, provided that a reservation has been made and the fee has been paid at reception the night before.
It must be left in clean condition, and the inventory may be checked. Tenants must pay for any objects that have been broken or damaged, together with any damage to the premises if this proves necessary. The deposit will be returned at the end of the stay after any compensation has been duly deducted for any damage noted during the end-of-stay inventory.
The fact that a deposit is retained does not exclude the payment of additional compensation if costs come to more than this amount. Iff the premises have not been cleaned before departure, you will be charged a cleaning fee of €65. If you leave after the stipulated deadline, you may be invoiced for an additional day at the current price per night.



A complaints service is available to our customers to express any dissatisfaction regarding their stay. To submit a complaint, customers can send them by letter (Les Criques de Porteils, Route de Collioure, 66700 Argelès-sur-Mer), by e-mail (contactcdp@lescriques.com), or via our end-of-stay satisfaction survey. Throughout the stay, our reception and caretaker teams are available to deal with any complaints from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Complaints may concern the accommodation’s conformity with the booking, or the conformity of services with customers’ requirements. The management undertakes to reply in detail to any written complaint as long as it is not anonymous. If customers seek compensation for a complaint, they must indicate this in a recorded letter with acknowledgement of receipt sent to the manager of the camping within one month of the end of the stay, indicating the dossier number.


In accordance with article L.212-1 of the French Consumer Code, LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS undertake to ensure that their services comply with current legal requirements. Customers expressly acknowledge that LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS cannot be held responsible for the communication by its partners or any third parties of any false information indicated in the LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS brochure or website concerning the reception sites, including presentation photos, descriptions, activities, leisure facilities, and operating dates. All photos and texts used in LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS brochure or website are non-contractual, and are for information only.
It may happen that certain activities and installations offered by the camping, indicated in the brochure description, are cancelled, notably for reasons linked with the climate or an event of force majeure as defined by the French courts. LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS are responsible for the proper execution of all obligations arising from the contract.
However, LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS are exonerated from their responsibility if the non-execution or incomplete performance of the contract can be attributed either to the customer, to the unpredictable and insuperable act of a third party unconnected with the services stipulated in the contract, or to a case of force majeure as defined in article 1148 of the French Civil Code.


Any claims concerning the non-conformity of services with contractual commitments must be indicated first of all in writing by recorded delivery with acknowledgement of receipt to the manager of the camping. Customers and LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS expressly acknowledge that relations are governed by French law. In the event of a dispute, the courts in the area where the camping is domiciled shall have jurisdiction.


The information you communicate when you place your order is not transmitted to any third parties. This information will be considered confidential by LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS. It will be used solely by the internal departments of LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS in order to process your order and to strengthen and personalise the communication and services offer reserved for LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS customers according to their centres of interest.
According to the French Data Protection act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, correct and oppose personal data concerning you. To do so, you can make a request in writing indicating your full name and address and send it to: Les Criques de Porteils Route de Collioure • 66700 Argelès-sur-Mer – France


LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS is open from March 22nd to November 2nd 2024. During the season, our reception desks are open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. non-stop, seven days a week, and our security service operates in the night time. It is possible to choose a particular bungalow number (according to availability when booking). Each booking includes a parking space for ONE vehicle. Access to the LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS site for any additional vehicle (solely for customers who have made bookings), will be invoiced. This price includes access to the site but does not guarantee a parking space. End-of-stay cleaning, towels and sheets are included in «PREMIUM» and «PALACE» lodgings. It is possible to hire sheets on site, or bring your own.


According to Order 2015-1002 of 18 August 2015, operators of camping and caravan sites and other land with facilities are required to have an individual police form completed and signed by guests when they arrive. The model for this form is set by a joint order of the Minister of the Interior, the Minister in charge of immigration and the Minister in charge of tourism. Personal information collected in this way includes the following:
1. Full name;
2. Date and place of birth;
3. Nationality;
4. Usual address abroad;
5. The foreigner’s mobile number and email address;
6. The arrival date at the establishment and planned departure date.
Children under 15 can be included on the form of an adult accompanying them.


In accordance with the provisions of the French Consumer code regarding the consumer disputes mediation process, the customer has the right to use the services offered free of charge by LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS. The consumer rights mediator thus proposed is Centre de la Médiation de la Consommation de Conciliateurs de Justice.
This mediation provider can be contacted by mail: CM2C, 14 rue Saint Jean, 75017 Paris, France.


– Reception and storage of found property:
Upon reception, the found items will registered in our database. They will be kept for 30 days. Perishable or dangerous materials will be destroyed immediately.
– Reporting the lost property:
You can report the lost property by telephone or on site in one of our receptions. Our reception team can answer all your questions and register the reported lost object via telephone number +33 (0) 4 68 81 12 73 or e-mail: contactcdp@lescriques.com.
– Found property:
If your lost property has been found, you can then recover it directly at the reception on presentation of an ID within 30 days, or have it send to your home address. In the latter case, a service fee of €30 will be applied to cover the costs involved.
– Unreturned lost property:
In case the lost property can not be returned to its owner within one month, the object will be donated to a charity association or it will be destroyed.



As previously indicated, customers can book stays online via the website www.lescriques.com. Notwithstanding the rightful application of the previous clauses of the general conditions to any booking, whatever its form, the technical procedures for online booking are detailed here. Customers can decide online bookings according to the availability and price applicable. They can also choose a number of optional services. Online booking is carried out in several stages, enabling customers to check that the stay chosen meets their wishes, and to go back over the booking before finally confirming it. A booking for a stay at LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS will only be validly registered on the site if customers have clearly identified themselves with a login, or have created a user account.
The final confirmation of a booking enables customers to check that it meets all their requirements, and to indicate their acceptance of these general conditions of sale before going on to make the secure payment of the down payment required.
Once all these stages are completed, LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS will confirm the registered booking through an email, which also contains a link to these general conditions of sale. The booking is considered firm once customers have received this confirmation email from LES CRIQUES DE PORTEILS. This confirmation is deemed to mark the signature date of the sale contract and the date on which these general conditions have been accepted.


Customers are reminded that:
– An initial payment of the amount of the stay is made when booking a stay online.
– The balance for a stay will be paid in full 30 days before arrival. This payment is carried out online using a bank card (Visa, Carte Bleue or MasterCard only) and a secure payment method. All the necessary means are implemented to ensure the confidentiality and security of data transmitted on the web. In this respect, the website uses an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) module, meaning that the information transmitted is encrypted by a software programme and no third party can obtain access to it