Charter of Commitment Les Criques de Porteils


“Sustainable development is a pattern of resource use that aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for generations to come”.

As the word “sustainable” is not just a simple marketing argument but also the reflection of a genuine and honest approach in modern society, we wish to share with you all techniques concerning the sustainable development established by our organization throughout the years.

All techniques written below can only perform as we mobilized, implicated and aroused the awareness of all our employees.


1 – Concerning the economical management of energy, you will hereby find all measures used by our establishment, the Camping Les Criques de Porteils.

We didn’t choose the constructor O’Hara randomly for our accommodations: O’Hara is the only Mobile Home constructor certified ISO 14 001. This certificate is an assurance of a fabrication process which is environmentally friendly.
At O’Hara’s, the design of all Mobile Home types is created in order to guarantee a 100% recyclability after it’s’ use. Today, the brand has already reached 95% of this objective.
The wood used for the fabrication of the Mobile Homes comes from ecological managed forests and is PSC or PEFC recognized.


Our mobile homes on the seaside and on the mountain side are provided with :

  • Electric heaters electric controller.
  • We limit the use of air conditioning through sunshine filters and bright roofs for traditional rental units and thatched roof for our seaside Fares and 3 bedrooms Mobile Homes  on the seaside.
  • LED light bulbs in down light fittings. These light bulbs perform 6 times longer than standard low consumption bulbs.
  • A key-card system that enables the limitation of lightning only during the presence of the clients in the Mobile Home.
  • A timer for exterior lightning.
  • Type A refrigerators and low consumption bulbs in order to minimize the primary energy.
  • 100% isolation with fiberglass in order to reduce most heat loss. This glass wool isolation material exists for 50% out of recycled glass and the other 50% out of sand which is an inexhaustible material.
  • Electric convection heater.
  • We have limited the use of air-conditioning in our accommodations due to sun blinds and light colored rooftops on our traditional Mobile Homes and thatched rooftops for the Faré Mobile Homes on the sea facing side.


Concerning the equipment on the campsite :

  • Our sanitary installations are equipped with special presence sensing devices in the individual wash-stand cabins.
  • Our swimming pools are heated with air-to-water heat pumps.


2 – Concerning the economical management of waste, please see below for all organizational and technical measures used by our establishment the camping Les Criques de Porteils.

  • We have installed a collective “town refuse compost”: an instructive and educational place for all clients where organic kitchen waste can be sorted and treated.
  • Our gardening teams compost their garden waste from the green spaces on the campsite (such as: grass, leaves and weeds…).
  • We have special waste-sorting zones for packaging, paper and glass.
  • The use of plastic and disposable bags is limited.
  • Our tourist brochure, for our clients, has been printed on recycled paper, by a certified printer and enfolded in a biologically decomposable plastic package.


3 – Concerning the economical management of water, you can hereby find all organizational and technical measures used by our establishment the camping Les Criques de Porteils. Our team has followed special training concerning water savings


Our Mobile Homes are equipped with :

  • Water saving reducers on all taps and a double lavatory flushing appliance to reduce the water consumption.


Concerning the equipment on the campsite :

  • The sprinkling is done early in the morning or late in the afternoon in order to reduce the evaporation of the used water by the sun.


In our sanitary installations :

  • The showers work with press buttons.
  • Each toilet cistern is fitted with water volume reducers (double press buttons).
  • Urinals are available in all sanitary installations.
  • Our sanitary installations even as the water distribution network are checked once a year for leaks and other faults..
  • Our sanitary installations are de-scaled on a regular basis to assure the good running of the systems and to avoid possible leaks.