The time of cherries, and modern art

Céret in the shade of its centenary plane trees. A small town where modernity and tradition are intimately linked. Everything  there is Mediterranean: ancestral culture, tracing the lines of a generous civilization, nourished by sun, light and colors.

For almost 100 years Céret has been living the art of its time. The cubist stays, as from 1911, have attracted all the greatest artists of the 20th century : Picasso, Braque, Gris, Herbin, Masson, Soutine, Chagall…

Today thanks to its Museum of Modern Art, involved in contemporary creation, Céret continues his adventure with living art.

Passionate, Céret comes alive and vibrates to the rhythm of the festival: carnival, concerts, sardanas, festivals, feria, exhibitions … Céret also produces the first cherries of France, and of course the best.


  • Exhibitions at the Modern Art Museum
  • Local products tasting
  • Feria