The life aquatic

Nestled in the heart of the Vermeille coast, the Marine Nature Reserve is an exceptional place where the underwater relief reflects the mountainous relief of the coast, stretching on 6.5 km between Banyuls-sur-Mer and Cerbère.

Small paradise for swimmers and diving enthusiasts, this protected natural space is, since 1974, the first Natural Reserve strictly marine in France.
Real open-air laboratory & study on the marine environment, the reserve is home to Posidonia meadows, grouper fish, red coral …
In this marine reserve which covers 650 hectares at sea, there are more than 1200 animal species and about 500 plant species that have been identified.


  • Underwater trail
  • Coastal path
  • Summer exhibitions and animations


  • Restrooms
  • Supervised swimming zone in the summer
  • 2 floating wheelchairs